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The works of William Shakespeare are found at call number 822.33.

Discussions, criticisms, quotations, adaptations and translations are also found at this number. 

The call number of each book starts with 822.33 followed by letters and numbers according to the information on our handout "Search Smart: Shakespeare on the Shelves" linked to below.

Finding a work versus a criticism of a work

Letter followed by an odd number =  the text of the work (a play, sonnets, etc.)
Letter followed by an even number = criticism or discussion of the work.

For example:
Much Ado About Nothing     text of play 822.33 Q1  versus  criticism 822.33 Q2

Collections of several works in one book, collections of quotations, translations, commentary about several Shakespeare works in one book, are all designated their own letter to follow 822.33.

Download "Search Smart: Shakespeare on the Shelves" to see a complete list of call numbers - and remember, if you get stuck Library staff are here to help.

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