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You can set up the PressReader app to have publications of your choice delivered to you as soon as they are published on PressReader. Below are the steps to take to have the Winnipeg Free Press delivered to you daily in the PressReader app.


1. Log in online with your library card to gain or "re-charge" your PressReader access:


1a. Sign in to PressReader with your library barcode number (no spaces) and PIN. 


1b. You will be taken to the Winnipeg Public Library PressReader HotSpot page that tells you the number of hours of PressReader access that you have remaining. Close the HotSpot window.


1c. Sign in to your PressReader account before leaving the website. This step is important to do, otherwise your PressReader app will not know that you have access. If you do not have a PressReader account, create a free one by following these steps.


2. Open and Sign in to the PressReader App:


2a. Return to the home screen of your device and open the PressReader app.


2b. Sign in to the PressReader app using the same sign in information that you used on the website.  


3. Search for the Winnipeg Free Press newspaper in the app.


3a. For an Apple device, after you are signed in to your account tap on the 3-line menu button and then tap on "Publications". For an Android device, tap on "Publications".



3b. In the search box, search for "Winnipeg" and then tap on the Winnipeg Free Press cover.


4. Adjust settings to have the Winnipeg Free Press delivered to your app daily.


4a. To have Winnipeg Free Press delivered to your PressReader account daily, move the slider beside "Auto Delivery", located in the right hand column, to the right. It will turn green to indicate that it is enabled. Do the same for the "Include all Supplements" slider, if you would like to have those delivered to you too.


4b. Tap on the star beside "My Publication" in the top right corner. From this point on, Winnipeg Free Press will also show up in your Publications Hub.


Each day there will be a message in your notifications bar saying that a new issue of Winnipeg Free Press is available for you. When you open the PressReader app, the newspaper will already be downloaded (as long as your wifi has been turned on).


If you do not see a notification, that is because your 2 days of PressReader access has timed out and you'll need to reconnect to PressReader.


Downloaded publications do take up space on your device. Follow these steps to delete these files from your device.

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