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Probably not.

Generally, we do not purchase academic books or specialized titles/textbooks. If we did purchase a copy, you would likely find that you would only be able to borrow it for a limited time, as other students taking the same class would put a hold on it, forcing you to return the book or incur substantial fines. In general, whether through public or academic libraries you will find you will not be able to borrow up-to-date textbooks for any extended period. Some academic libraries might make a limited number of copies available for short-term loan (measured in hours), but you will find this a very difficult way to work if the class relies on the text even moderately.

If you are looking to save some money on a textbook, your best option is probably either to purchase a used copy of the text (if available) or rent an electronic copy. Either will probably be about 70-90% of the cost of purchasing a new copy. Occasionally, you might be able to find an earlier edition in a library or for purchase at a significant discount - but be warned that, depending on the text and class, that could make completing assignments difficult. Additionally, some fields progress rapidly, rendering older editions obsolete.

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