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Winnipeg Public Library has created a handout to help people find information about the different privacy laws that apply in Manitoba.  You are welcome to print and share the handout. It is found on this page under "Links and Files."  Topics found on the handout are:

  • What is Personal Information?
  • What is Personal Health Information?
  • What are my rights?
  • How do I request my information?
  • Knowing where to send a request
  • Contact information to access forms, more information or to file a complaint

The information below is just some of the information found on the handout. 

Privacy and Your Information

In Manitoba, there are four main laws in place to protect your personal information. These laws ensure your rights to access the personal information institutions hold about you, and control the collection, sharing, and handling of your personal information.

Which of these laws applies depends on the type of personal information and the organization that holds it. Each law regulates certain types of information held by specific institutions, organizations, or professionals. These laws also provide for independent review processes to investigate complaints. 

Federal Laws

Privacy Act

Known as the Privacy Act.
Covers personal information held by federal government institutions

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

Also known as PIPEDA.
Covers personal information held by private-sector organizations in the course of their commercial activities.

Provincial Laws

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Also known as FIPPA.
Covers personal information held by the provincial government institutions.

The Personal Health Information Act

Also known as PHIA.
Covers personal health information held by trustees (e.g. health professionals, hospitals, clinics, etc.)



Knowing where to send a request

You may also be interested in the information on our page: "How do I make an access to government information request?", linked to below.

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