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Q. How do I watch Kanopy on a phone or tablet?

Answered By: Mike E.
Last Updated: Feb 09, 2018     Views: 3792

The following information was largely copied from Kanopy Help on January 31, 2018. Winnipeg Public Library will try to keep our answers up to date, but you may find more recent information from the source document.


Watching Kanopy on IOS and Android Devices

Setting up
The Kanopy app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. In order to use the app, you will need a Kanopy account that has an active library membership. If you do not have one, follow the instructions below.

  1. Create a Kanopy account
    When you open the Kanopy app you will presented with welcome screens. Swipe
    through these and tap on “Sign Up”. Enter your first and last name, email address, and password, or click on the Facebook or Google social login button to create your account, then Sign Up. You will receive a verification email at the address you used to sign up - click the link in the email to verify your address.
  2. Add your library
    Follow the prompts on the app to choose Winnipeg Public Library and add your card information. Once your information has been successfully added, you’ll be able to proceed to watch the films on the app.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the system requirements for Kanopy Mobile Apps?
In order to use the Kanopy app, you will need to be running at least Apple iOS 9 or Google Android 4.2

Can the films be downloaded to my device for offline viewing?
You do need an Internet connection in order to play the films. They cannot be downloaded to your device.

How can I only allow playback on WiFi?
Navigate to the app menu and select Settings. Switch the Cellular Data toggle on (the switch will appear orange). When this is on, you will not be able to stream on the app unless you are connected to WiFi.

How can I adjust video quality? 
Go to the app settings and select Video Quality. Two options will be displayed - Auto and Basic. When Auto is selected, the video will play at the highest quality possible (more information about video quality on Kanopy can be found here). When Basic is selected, the video quality will play at a lower resolution.

How do I enable closed captions/subtitles?
While the film is playing, tap on the speech bubble that appears at the top right corner of your screen. Select English (or your preferred language if available), and you will automatically be brought back to the video with closed captions/subtitles playing on your screen.

How can I easily find films that I have not finished?
In the app menu, select "Continue Watching" (located beneath the Watchlist). This will display films that you have viewed before but have yet to complete.

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