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Hoopla no longer supports Apple iOS9 devices (such as the iPad Mini and the iPhone 4s). While Hoopla will continue to work on these Apple devices for the immediate future, they will not receive future app updates. 

These are the steps to set up Hoopla on your iOS device, plus a description of the features available in the Hoopla app:


1. Go to the App Store and search for the Hoopla app. Tap Get to install it to your device. Once the app is installed, return to your device's home screen and locate the Hoopla app icon. Tap the icon to open.



2. Sign Up. The first time you open the app, you will be greeted by a welcome screen. Tap Sign Up to start creating your Hoopla account. (Tap Sign In if you already have an account.)



3. Choose Your Library. Winnipeg Public Library will appear as a library if Location Services are enabled on your device (through Settings on your iOS device) and you are close to Winnipeg. If not, you will need to search for Winnipeg Public Library.

After Winnipeg Public Library comes up, tap on the entry.




4. Enter your valid library card number and PIN (usually the last four numbers of your phone number). Then tap Next.



5. Enter an email address and password. Tap Next.



6. Provide your consent to Hoopla's Terms and Conditions. Tap Next and you will be taken to the page that confirms your new connection to Hoopla. Tap Continue.




7. Welcome to the Hoopla Home Screen. This screen will usually show you titles that you currently have checked out, plus a section of “recently returned” items that you borrowed before. However, because this is your first time visiting the Hoopla home screen, it will not show either of these things. What you will see is the following screen:



8. If you aren't searching for a specific title, you can browse the collection. Whether you are browsing for videos or music, the browsing screen will offer you similar options.




9. To bring up the full listing of information for an item, tap on its image.

A video listing will contain: a summary, a list of cast and crew, the producer, similar titles, and rating information. 

A music listing will contain: the list of songs on the album, artists involved, the producer, similar titles, and rating information.


10. To borrow an item, tap the Borrow button. Tapping the Heart icon will add the item to your favorites for faster future checkouts. Tapping the Share icon will give you the option to share the item's information (not the actual item) with others. Both video and music listings will include these three options on their pages.



11. After you have borrowed the item, the Borrow button will change to say Play. You can either play the video or music or, if you would like to watch or listen offline, you can download the item to your device.



12. Now you can watch the video or listen to the music. Here are the features to know about for each:


Watching a video



Listening to music



13. To return an item early, scroll down to the bottom of the page for that item's listing. At the bottom of the page it will indicate when your borrowed item will return. Beside that, you will have the option to tap on Return now.




Please note: Returning an item early does not change the number of borrows you have per month. This number remains the same - five borrows per library customer per month.

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