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(What is a PressReader Account? Do I need a PressReader Account? Read this first.)


To access PressReader and its many features in the PressReader app, you need to have a free PressReader Account.


If you have never used PressReader before, follow section (A).

If you have previously connected to PressReader through Facebook, Twitter, or Google, follow section (B).

If you have an existing PressReader account, follow section (C).


(A) To create a NEW PressReader account:

1. Connect to PressReader through the Winnipeg Public Library (WPL) website. If connecting from home, enter your library barcode number (without spaces) and PIN (the last 4 digits of your phone number).



2. Close the HotSpot pop-up window that confirms that you're connected to PressReader through WPL. 


3. Click or tap on "Sign in". 


4. Click or tap on "New User? Sign Up". (Do not choose the Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Library Card options.)


5. Fill out the New User form and click or tap on "Done". (You do not need to check the boxes for email communications.) You will automatically be logged in to your account and can now browse or search for and read numerous articles. 



(B) PressReader has existed for awhile. Many individuals have accessed its content without a library card in a pay-per-use way, and have used the convenient "Sign up with Facebook or Twitter or Google" option to create an account.


If you have created a PressReader account this way, your existing account will not work with your library card unless a small change is made to your account:


1. Connect to the PressReader website.

2. Close the HotSpot pop-up window.



3. Click or tap on "Sign in".



4. Click or tap on the button you would normally use to log in to PressReader (Facebook, Twitter, or Google) and enter your log in information for that particular account.


5. Click or tap on your name in the top right corner and then click on "Manage Account".


6. Click or tap on "Create" to the right of Password.


7. Add a password and then click or tap on "Save". (From this point forward, if you're connecting to PressReader through Winnipeg Public Library, your username will be the same username that you have for your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account, and your password will be the one that you just created.)



(C) If you have an existing PressReader account:


1. Connect to PressReader through the Winnipeg Public Library website.

2. Enter your library barcode number (without spaces) and PIN (the last 4 digits of your phone number).

3. Close the HotSpot pop-up window that confirms that you're connecting to PressReader through WPL.


4. Click on "Sign in" in the top right corner.


5. Enter your username and password. Keep the "Stay Signed In" box checked if in the future you only want to have to do steps 1-2. Otherwise, you will need to do steps 1-5 every time you access PressReader through Winnipeg Public Library.  


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