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No, tablet devices like an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy cannot be used to transfer eBooks to an eInk device like a Kobo Touch/Glo/Aura/etc.


To transfer a Library eBook to an eInk device, you need to use software that can package up and send the book and the invisible "permission slip" that was sent to your computer when you borrowed the book from the library. The two most common programs that have the ability to do this are Adobe Digital Editions and Sony Reader (software that came bundled with Sony's eReader devices). These both require that you download the file to your desktop or laptop computer and copy the book to the eReader via USB cable. 


There is a version of Adobe Digital Editions available for iPads (via the app store) but that app only allows you to receive and read eBooks; it does not include any functions that allow you transfer those books to another device. We assume that decision was made because transferring files from an iPad to another device would require a physical adapter (USB hookup) that most users don't own.


People have asked whether they would be able to download and manually copy the eBook to their Kobo if they went ahead and purchased a USB adapter for their iPad; the answer is no, because if you copy the eBook file from one device to another without the software that knows how to package up the required "permission slip" file, the file will refuse to open on the new device (you'll get an error message saying something like "Failed to open; file is not authorized).


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