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As of June 1st, 2016, the monthly checkout limit for hoopla digital has been reduced from 10 per user to 5 per user.

We understand that this will be a disappointing change for some users, but it was necessary due to overwhelming demand on the hoopla product. 

Our thanks for your understanding on this issue.

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    Comments (14)

    1. Man, this is a bummer! My kids will chew through five audiobooks in a week.
      by JP on Jun 26, 2016.
    2. I wish they'd raise the limit back to 10. I can listen to an entire book at work and I usually return it when it's done. I love having Hoopla and want to continue using it. I just hope the limit is raised back to 10. Thank you.
      by Valerie on Jul 18, 2016.
    3. I thought that 10 titles per month was restrictive. 5 titles seems almost ridiculous!
      by Jb on Aug 03, 2016.
    4. What exactly is the reason for the lowered limits? I understand only allowing a few books to be checked out to one person at a time, but once they are returned, why limit how many more times we can borrow?
      by MM on Jan 02, 2017.
    5. The reason for the checkout limit is that the library pays for each title borrowed on hoopla on a per-use basis (instead of paying full price for a title at the outset, we pay a smaller amount each time it's checked out). Due to the increasing popularity of the hoopla service, we needed to put the checkout limit in place or risk not being able to pay for the service anymore. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we are working on alternate solutions to help mitigate the loss.
      by Sophie Firby, Admin Coordinator of Information & Virtual Services, Winnipeg Public Library on Jan 03, 2017.
    6. I'm only allowed two items per month for some reason. Very disappointing!
      by Anon on Feb 27, 2017.
    7. I also hope that the number of loans will be increased. It's hard for me and my kids to both make use of it. Picture books are so short that 5 books a month is very limiting. We love all the services the library provides and hope that something can be done to allow greater access to hoopla.
      by MNeufeld on Mar 13, 2017.
    8. I agree that having alimit for number of checked out items at one time but strongly disagree with the number in a month. I like to lisson to books 2 when doing thing and did a few videos in less then 1 week and now I am locked out for a month. 1 movie, an single educational video and a mini tv series (2). All videos returned when I was finished watching and in 4 days I reached the limit and can not checkout anything for a full month. This limit makes this app worthless! If you do audio books and read without doing any videos 1 a week you will do more then the limit this app has.
      by WT on Mar 20, 2017.
    9. I'm also missing the 10 item limit. The limit of 5 items per month has resulted in my checking Hoopla less often. If you wished for less use...mission accomplished.
      by Margaret on Apr 22, 2017.
    10. If this functions through the library card then it should have the same rules, once you return what you borrow you may borrow more items. Could someone explain why it can't function this way? Is it a licencing thing?
      by Sasha on May 22, 2017.
    11. I listen to Audio books while at work and hate the fact that I go thru my 5 limit per month so fast. This is very sad. I hope the we can go back to the 10 limit.
      by Sabrina Boulton on Jun 01, 2017.
    12. I listen @ work and can go through 1 book a day easily. If we return the books it should allow us to add another. This is very disappointing. The library should have expected the overwhelming response to using Hoopla in this digital day and age. Please change it back to at least 10 books a month.
      by Lynda on Jun 07, 2017.
    13. Hoopla is very good service but the 5 per month makes a disservice. Even 10 per month is very limiting, now they don't increase that but reduce it instead. Feels like going back in time with all the rising internet activities.
      by hqi on Jun 20, 2017.
    14. Thank you to the administrator for your response. I was so disappointed when I was notified I wouldn't be able to borrow any more titles this month. I hope you are able to work out an alternative and increase borrowing soon!!
      by Deb on Jun 30, 2017.

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